Great lighting goes hand in hand with excellent interior and exterior designs. It creates depth and height and, if done well, draws attention to the home’s focal features, whether inside or outside.

But what if you only need enough light to light up your home in case of emergency? Well, you can always buy some cheap lights or DIY a reliable lighting feature that you can use whenever you have an emergency. If you decide to go with the second option, here are seven emergency DIY lights you can easily make for inspiration.

1. Emergency Lighting

Candles, flashlights, and rechargeable bulbs are all great options whenever there’s a blackout. The only issue is that you have to wade your way through the dark to find them whenever the power is out. That’s why you should ditch them for emergency lighting. It automatically turns on whenever there is a power failure, saving you the stress of looking for commercial light sources.

You need six white LEDs, resistors of various capacities, a switching transistor, three AAA batteries, a battery holder, a printed perf board, a DC power supply and power connectors, N-channel power MOSFETs, and an insulated project enclosure. Will be See the Instructables guide for more details.

2. 3D Printed DIY Emergency Light

If you have access to a 3D printer, you can print almost anything, including a well designed DIY emergency light. Depending on how fancy you are with things, you can create an ornate design or create something simple and functional like this square 3D printed light, as featured in The Hackster’s Guide.

The square design, based on a custom PCB, means it fits nicely on almost any surface, while the LEDs are bright and well illuminated. The best part? This 3D-printed light uses solar power! Consider adding this project to your list of amazing tech DIY ideas to instantly upgrade your man cave.

3. 9V Battery Emergency Light

A good light source is essential if you’re always chasing adventure, whether camping in the mountains or hiking in the woods. But great lighting for campers and adventure seekers is usually either compact and expensive, or bulky and inexpensive, so DIYing an emergency light that meets your exact needs is the way to go.

This pocket-sized emergency light is good for inspiration. It’s small enough to carry without adding weight to your already bulky gear, yet despite its size, it lights up brightly and can last for up to five hours. Check out the Instructables project to make one. In addition to this light, you can prepare yourself for your next adventure by building yourself any of these lifesaver power banks.

4. Easy Homemade Solar Lamp

There are many advantages to using solar lighting. First, it’s sustainable, so it’ll help reduce your carbon footprint. Solar lighting is also practically maintenance-free since much of it relies on LED fixtures for illumination. Going the solar way is also cost-effective, so the money you save should provide extra motivation.

If you want to kickstart a solar-powered project, here’s a nighttime solar light bulb designed to automatically turn on when it detects darkness. The Hackaday guide has detailed instructions on how to complete this build.

5. Emergency LED Light Bulb

You want the simplest emergency DIY light you can make? Here’s one made on Instructables. It is based on a simple circuit, a pair of remote batteries and a joule thief (minimum self-oscillating voltage booster) to ensure that all energy from the battery is used and is widely used Is.

6. Multifunctional Task Light

Need quality lighting for your DIY workshop at home, or your formal home office space? Check out this hackster project for inspiration. Based on the ATtiny85 microcontroller chip, this multifunctional lighting piece relies on four AA batteries for power, yet lasts long enough for you to do more than one task.

Not only that, you can even dim the brightness or choose between warm, cool and headlight-level of brightness, making it perfect for a poorly lit work desk area where you need adjustable lighting Might be possible. Additionally, it is rechargeable. If you are planning to create a comfortable desktop setup, consider adding this light to improve your working environment.

7. Light with solar charge battery

Solar will always be a good way to go when creating emergency lighting, and this DIY project is an excellent one to try. Instead of a normal, directly solar-powered light, it has a separate solar-charged battery.

It’s based on a 5252F chip, which charges the battery all day long and converts 1.2V power into over 3V for lighting. The 5252F detects even when it’s dark, and is used here.

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